Datsun 240Z 113 Avocado Metalic Green Paint

Rick painting my 240Z paint code 113 Avocado Metalic Green. 72 degree day, 50% humidity which is perfect time to spray.

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DATSUN 280Z new paint.AVI
3 coats of clear

240Z Upholstery Glue
Starting to put in the diamond vinyl and firewall insulator into the car. Reproduction parts used. For the tranny tunnel, used new jute then some 1/4" padding to flatten out the bumpyness of the jute. Underneath all of that is Lizard Skin, so it shouldn't get hot from the Exhaust.

House Of Kolor - How To Paint A Car - John Kosmoski
These are clips from the full DVD of Kustom Painting Made Easy - By John Kosmoski of House of Kolor. The dvd is great and there is a ton of information in it. I have the full 1hour and a half dvd. Email me. 01-05-2016

Sublime green turbo 280z
Just painted. Need wet sand and buff. Painted 2007 Dodge Charger Sublime