Sendai 8sec and 9sec RWD cars drag racing and burnout in HD

movie taken at Sendai Hi-land 2009/11/01, mixture of burnouts in HD

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Japanese 9 Sec. Cars Street Racing
Clip from Video Option Vol. 167

900hp Nissan Silvia S15 9000rpm
Mapping / Boost check yesterday, (not a power check) car revs to 9000rpm on some runs but the in car I took was about 8500rpm,

180sx, ps13, S14, S14a, S15 drag cars
small view of Japan cars, and racing, more vids coming...(ful versions)

RC Drag Racing - Lynwood - Big Squid RC - Shot in HD!
RC Drag Racing at it's best! This video was shot at the Lynwood Dragway in Illinois all shot in HI-Def! Music by ABstraXT. For more info check This is a higher-res version then last uploaded