Sendai 8sec and 9sec RWD cars drag racing and burnout in HD

movie taken at Sendai Hi-land 2009/11/01, mixture of burnouts in HD

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900hp Nissan Silvia S15 9000rpm
Mapping / Boost check yesterday, (not a power check) car revs to 9000rpm on some runs but the in car I took was about 8500rpm,

Promodet Drag Porsche
Shake down at Sendai 仙台2009/11/01

180sx, ps13, S14, S14a, S15 drag cars
small view of Japan cars, and racing, more vids coming...(ful versions)

GTR Recod 8.111sec 2009 JDDA EAST DRAG Race Rd4 TARGET
2009 JDDA DragRace Rd4 Pro8 Class TARGET Tatematsu GTR 8.111sec LIBERTY's AirShifte