Universal Turbo Supercharger Sound Simulator Blow Off Valve

Universal Fitments for most oem Muffler Tips, Best result on tail piper diameter less than 2.5" Get the turbo Sound Today Works on cars Suv Van And Trucks High Quality 6061 T-6 Aluminum It is Light Weight and easy to install Awesome Value.

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турбо-свисток на auto-equalizer.ru.mp4
Вы можете приобрести турбо-свисток (размер L для двигателей от 1.4 до 2.2 литра) на сайте http://auto-equalizer.ru Важно правильно подбирать размер турбо свистка по объему двигателя и диаметру выхлопной трубы. Так же девайс можно подрегулировать. Группа ВК http://vk.com/ekvalaizer_na_zadnee_steklo, подсветка дверей http://auto-equalizer.ru/podsvetka_dverej_s_logotipom_avto.htm

XL Turbo Exhaust Whistle Test
This is a test of an extra large XL turbo Exhaust whistle. This large turbo Exhaust whistle gives cars and trucks with big Exhaust pipes genuine turbo sound and extra horsepower. Everyone needs a turbo Exhaust whistle. No Wuckers, Mate!

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Cold Air Intake with Blow Off Valve - Sound Test
CPE CAI - Homemade DIY Cold Air Intake with Blow Off Valve - Mazda cx7 -Sound Test Engine light is on for stuck EGR valve. fixed using seafoam. Melted out the stock MAF socket with a soldering iron. Purchased K&N air filter and placed it on the end of the tube. just that easy. This is a Mazda cx7 GT 2.3 L MZR turbocharged I4 with 244 bhp and has an internal blow off valve to regulate engine psi. The blow off valve sound is hidden while using the stock setup. After the modification the internal blow off valve can be heard. PriorToImpact Prior To Impact