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New body kits designed and made by VERTIKA TRYKES CANADA.


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Can-Am Spyder Kewlmetal Performance Air Filter Kit Installation Video
Can-Am Spyder Performance Air Box from Kewlmetal. Step by step Installation video.

Motorcylce Review: Can-Am Spyder Roadster
http://www.dirttraxtv.com Dirt Trax Television Co-Hosts Mark and Luke Lester review Can-Am's Spyder Roadster and talk about how it differs from your average sport touring motorcycle. If you enjoyed this review, please click "like"!

Custom Spyders
Customized Spyders on display at the Spyder Homecoming in Valcourt, Quebec. This is in front of the BRP Factory where the Spyder is produced.

Full Throttle Swamp Riding
If you like my videos please thumbs up, subscribe and share with your buds. If you love killer modded Canams check out pinespsm.com for all your mud addicted needs. They have a full line of custom billet accesories for you Canam mud machines. This video was taken on marked multi-use trails, please do your part to keep ATV'ing sustainable in the future. Please pack out what you pack in and stay on the trails

can am spyder 450 fat tire kit call daniel at 1 615 431 2294
call allthingschrome for details at 1 615 431 2294

TEST | CAN-AM SPYDER RT 2014 : 3 cylindres pour 3 roues
ESSAI CanAm Spyder RT 2014 - Ni moto, ni voiture, ni quad, ni scooter 3-roues inclinable, le Can-Am Spyder ne ressemble à aucun autre véhicule. Imaginé en 2007 par le groupe Bombardier Recreationnal Product, spécialiste des véhicules sport-loisir, il ouvre une nouvelle voie dans le plaisir de conduite. Pour 2014 arrive un nouveau moteur 3 cylindres pour aller plus loin. Découverte... Lire l'essai complet sur Motoservices : http://www.motoservices.com/essai-3-4roues/essai-video-can-am-spyder-rt-lim ited-2014-3-cylindres-pour-le-3-roues-canadien.htm

Can-Am Spyder in the Snow? - Watch This!
2014 Spyder Roadster RT Doing Cookies in the Snow! This young lady did not like me doing this to her! The vehicle stability system kicked in immediately as soon as I pitched her sideways and kept everything down to a nice slow pace. Not something you'd ever see a Spyder doing, and it certainly let me know who was in charge here. Never the less, I was able to get some slow cookies out of her and it was fun filming a Spyder doing something completely out of the norm. As I was saying to RidingIsBelieving.com, it's nice to know that a Spyder will keep you safe out on the road with all it's automotive type safety systems.. As a side note, please don't try this on your Spyder! If it's snowing out, please leave your Spyder safe and warm in your garage. As safe as they are, they don't have a cage around them to protect you! Thanks for watching! Check out RidingIsBelieving.com's channel and give him a sub! https://www.youtube.com/user/RidingIsBelieving http://www.ironhawk50.com http://www.fzrphotography.com http://www.shawnsmoak.com http://www.spydertechnician.com http://www.procaliberlongview.com

Can-Am Spyder Hand Brake
This is how I made a hand brake work on a Can-Am Spyder SpyderLovers-com

2015 Can-Am Spyder: ACE 1330 Engine
The new Can-Am Spyder ACE 1330 Engine has high torque response in every vehicle. It’s responsive, strong and good in fuel consumption.

Fred Gives a Walk Around Demo of the Can-Am Spyder RT

2015 Can-Am Maverick X DS TURBO - 121hp -
See the FULL lineup of specs and photos at UTVUnderground.com!!

Canam Big Block Smash Fest
Check out http://www.pinespsm.com/ for all your Monster Modded Can-am needs All video was shot on private land with permission. If you like my videos, please thumbs up, comment and share with your buds. Subscribe for more great vids.

Police Trike
Got pulled over and figured I'd show ya London's new 900cc police trike. Can Am Spyder 900cc

Can Am Spyder Two Brothers Exhaust
The P1 Tips bring the thump down just enough so I'm not setting off car alarms. I'm glad it didn't tone it down too much though. I love the pipes!

Why We Ride Can-Am
If you like my videos please subscribe, comment, like and share with your buds. All video was taken on marked trails, please do your part in helping keep atv'ing sustainable in the future. Pack out what you pack in and stay on the trails. Visit pinespsm.com for all your Canam needs

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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