Rotorway Scorpion Subaru helicopter

This is a short test run to make sure the rotor system was operating smoothly at all rpms.

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Rotorway Scorpion Subaru helicopter 2
Full rpm balancing and testing run.

Rotorway Scorpion Subaru Helicopter 3
Early stages of un-tethered testing.

Rotorway scorpion subaru helicopter 4
After about seven years of building and rebuilding I finally get to fly it.

Original Rotorway Exec Promotional Video
I got this video in 1985 from a friend who'd ordered it from RotorWay. It talks about the history of flight, the history of helicopters, and how the Original RotorWay Aircraft got started. It's funny to see the prices they list for NEW helicopters (like a Bell 206 costing $300k). Who would have known that they would have APPRECIATED in value! Anyway... enjoy! :)