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Rotorway Scorpion Subaru helicopter

This is a short test run to make sure the rotor system was operating smoothly at all rpms.


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Rotorway Scorpion Subaru helicopter 2
Full rpm balancing and testing run.

rotorway scorpion helicopter
fully restoring a scorpion 133 in the process!!!!!

Factory Cog Tensioner installed in Rotorway 162F
This video shows the start sequence of the factory oil pressure actuated cog belt tensioner. Notice the tension applied by the cog wheel until the engine oil pressure builds following engine start. Notice the amount of cog belt movement during the start squence and during running compared to the VP elastomeric cog belt tensioner shown on the other video.

AW 95 start up
First start of my Aw 95 project,no rotor blades yet,nor tail rotor.

Helicopter Rotorway A600 Talon / GoPro Camera / OshKosh 2012 EAA
Demo flight at OshKosh 2012, Wisconsin, using GoPro camera

MBB Scorpion 133 Helicopter 2
Small flight! Note: I still was using ballast in this video but shortly after did away with it. No ballast weight required..... Haven't had to for even passenger carry.... Happy about that!

Rotorway Loop
Dennis Kenyons review of a Rotorway 162F G-KEVL

rotorway crash
take a look at this we have got alot to learn from this footage

RotorWay International Flight School
RotorWay International Flight School teaches our owners to pilot their new ships.

Ryan McCall's RotorWay Helicopter (#2) - Fly/In Cruise/In
Series #37 Part #3 Fly/In Cruise/In Video Magazine Ryan McCall shows us his very nice RotorWay Helicopter he named "Silver Pleasure". Ryan demostrates the controls of his flying machine & explains how a helicopter fly's. www.FlyInCruiseIn.com Produced by: Inge Harte - Ray Johnson

Mosquito Air Helicopter
Phil Jarmin's puts his Mosquito Air Helicopter through it's paces in Costa Rica

2012_05_12 Auto Rotations
Saturday I was able to get out for some auto rotation practice. This time I was mostly practicing turns, also experimenting a bit with speed and range. They're not too pretty, I abandoned a few and rolled on throttle early. I need a lot of practice, but it's great fun practicing.

MBB Scorpion 133 Helicopter 1
Highly modified Scorpion 133 With MBB 105 Main Rotor Blades. Ground run-up! Tail-rotor adjustment.

Alternator pulley comparsion.wmv
This video demonstrates the excessive levels of NVH, belt system stress and other severe issues resulting from the use of a SOLID ALTERNATOR PULLEY on this Ford engine. Throughout this test all drive components, lengths, and sizes remained constant. The only variable was the alternator pulley/decoupler technology. (RotoRX is the former brand name of the Litens OAD decoupler.) This clip shows the use of a variety of ONE-WAY CLUTCH alternator pulleys on the same engine. Now we see the smooth, efficient operation of the same engine belt drive system using an OAD decoupler pulley. The Litens OAD was previously marketed under the RotorRX brand.

Rotorway Tony Evans
Quick flight

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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