CA18DET Holden Gemini Off street racing

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Bali's KE70 with CA18 engine /drift practice/
Engine: ca18det, sr20det stock t28 turbo @ 1.4 bar Forged Piston, H beam, cometic headgasket, Vems ECU etc. Modception High Angle Kit Modception Coilover Modception Heavy Duty axle Fiberglass rear fenders, tail panel XTR VESZEK: Driver:

NIStune Type 1 board installation
Detailed demonstration showing how to fit a NIStune board to an S13 CA18DET ECU (part number 36F05).

S13 ca18det stage 3 first start after rebuild
S13 ca18det stage 3 first start after rebuild. Z32 MAF 444cc Stage 3 chip. Complete Exhaust 3". 84 cp piston Cometic Head Gasket H-bean rods. ACL Race Bearings. Garrett Gt2560rs.

How to swap ca18det s13 coupe part 1
Here it is like I've said from the start as soon as it's nice out I'll be pumping out videos. So here it is. How to swap a ca18 First episode shows how to get some things unhooked and ready to pull. If I don't cover certain things in this episode remember it's only part one you will see this thing be installed cranking running and skidding so hit like subscribe and share this video catch us on Instagram Nissan_mechanic and on Facebook under Nissan mechanic