Infiniti G vs. Mitsubishi Gsx

2005 G35 -intake 1997 Eclipse -Factory 6 bolt (ARP + MLS Headgasket)

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Evo VIII vs Eclipse GSX
500+whp Mitsubishi battle between the Evo 8 and Eclipse GSX! Make sure to SUBSCRIBE & SHARE! Like our page on Facebook: Follow us on Instagram : SdStreetScene

GSX vs. 2007 Dodge Charger SRT-8
Before everyone starts moaning about their Chargers with hurt vagina's... I have nothing against Dodge. If you watch my other videos, I'm building a Dodge Colt. This is not an R/T. He still had a window sticker. Sure the SRT-8 is fast but they don't run 12's without a professional driver and a good tail wind. 99% of the owners don't take them to the drag strip to get real times, so don't tell me there's no way they get beat by a 121 cu in 4-banger sleeper. It happens. I had this video on another site and got tired of the constant whining. Please don't do that here. My car is NOT STOCK, but it burns PUMP GAS.

Stage 2 WRX vs mitsubishi Eclipse GSX 16g
stage 2 wrx vs an eclipse with a 2.4 l and a16g with supporting mods.

05 Evo Vs 98 GSX
Setup list for Evo Wiseco 9.0:1 .20 Over Manley H Beam Rods ARP 2000 bolts GSC S2 Cams GSC Behive Valve Springs ARP Head Studs Cometic Head Gasket Shep Street/strip trans ACT Extreme PP W/ 6 Puck Sprung Sparktech Coil on Plug PTE 1200CC Injectors Aeromotive Steath 340lph Pump E85 Garret GT35R DBB Mitsubishi housing @ 28lbs Ported stock Exhaust manifold Built and Tuned by Devin LeBlanc with Tephramod V7 Speed Density Setup on 98 GSX Evo 9 Pistons and Rods ARP Rod Bolts ARP Head Studs Cometic Head Gasket Crower 280/280 Cams Brian Crower Valve springs/Ti Retainers Std size Stainless valves GT35R T3.63 Housing @ 29lbs RC Engineering 1200CC Injectors Deatchwerks 300lph Fuel Pump Ebay T3 Manifold Built and Tuned By Devin LeBlanc on Stock ECU with Ceddymod Speed Density