Infiniti G vs. Mitsubishi Gsx

2005 G35 -intake 1997 Eclipse -Factory 6 bolt (ARP + MLS Headgasket)

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GSX vs. 2007 Dodge Charger SRT-8
Before everyone starts moaning about their Chargers with hurt vagina's... I have nothing against Dodge. If you watch my other videos, I'm building a Dodge Colt. This is not an R/T. He still had a window sticker. Sure the SRT-8 is fast but they don't run 12's without a professional driver and a good tail wind. 99% of the owners don't take them to the drag strip to get real times, so don't tell me there's no way they get beat by a 121 cu in 4-banger sleeper. It happens. I had this video on another site and got tired of the constant whining. Please don't do that here. My car is NOT STOCK, but it burns PUMP GAS.

Evo VIII vs Eclipse GSX
500+whp Mitsubishi battle between the Evo 8 and Eclipse GSX! Make sure to SUBSCRIBE & SHARE! Like our page on Facebook: Follow us on Instagram : SdStreetScene

Bayarearacing video

Stage 2 WRX vs mitsubishi Eclipse GSX 16g
stage 2 wrx vs an eclipse with a 2.4 l and a16g with supporting mods.