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mercury mountaineer dual side exhaust

cut muffler off. dual side Exhaust


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2004 mercury Mountaineer rear hub change
2004 mountaineer and ford explorer rear hub bearing change, after wheel was making a loud humming noise.Emergency break shoe replacement,pressed on the bearings myself .

1998 5.0 explorer dual exhaust
cousins explorer 5.0 cold air kit tuned and dual thrush mufflers

Brenspeed Supercharged Mountaineer Adrenalin Sport Trac Explorer Supercharger
Brenspeed conversion on SUV's and SUT's. Saleen Superchargers.

Mercury Mountaineer Stereo Removal 2002-2005
F R E E - R E P A I R - E S T I M A T E S http://www.CarStereoHelp.com/ford.htm

Supercharged Mercury Mountaineer 2
Supercharged Mercury Mountaineer 5.0 V8! Lowered, Saleen 18x9 wheels, locked rear-end, and Exhaust. http://www.explorerexpress.com http://www.explorerforum.com/

98 Mountaineer 5.0l V8 Flowmaster 40 series w/secondary cats removed
Exhaust clip, 5.0 V8 secondary cats removed flowmaster 40 series 2.5in dual inlet 2.5 single outlet, stock tail pipe w/no resonator and tip Free revs and under load (in gear)

Mercury Mountaineer
2006 V8 AWD Mercury Mountaineer with Bridgestone Blizzak tires driving through 15 inches of snow

Transmission Problems (Mountaineer/Explorer)
I own a 2002 Mercury Mountaineer and I have been experiencing some tranny problems with it. My transmission refuses to shift past 45 mph causing a lot of problems for me. According to many auto review websites this car and the Ford Explorer counterpart are not strangers to this sort of problem.

2005 Mercury Mountaineer Premier Quick Start, and Tour
Pretty nice mercury that came in for detailing

98 awd mercury mountaineer at barnwell tx
someone said the soccer feild was over here i think im lost my 98 awd mountaineer with 31" tires on a 2 diamond at barnwell

Flowmaster Super 44 exhaust on my V8 Mountaineer
This is a quick vid of my Exhaust that i had put on my Mountaineer a few weeks back.....the vid doesn't do the sound justice it is way louder in person Setup: 5.0 V8 Super 44 Flowmaster muffler 2.5 inch tail pipe everthing is stock before the second cats all 4 cats still on

1996 Ford Explorer XLT 5.0 V8 In Depth Tour, 0-60, & Test Drive - 191K
Just an In-Depth Tour of my 1996 Ford Explorer XLT 2WD 5.0L V8. Had lots of request over the past 3 years so I finally made 1. For the 0-60, go to 5:20 Not bad for $500 but I only got it in this price 3 years ago cause of the $5 a gallon fuel prices. I first got it with 158k & now has 191K. Pretty much just normal Maintenance over the years. Probably the biggest expense was Tires cause My Neighbor has a 2005 Sport Trac & a 1989 Ford Bronco II. He was selling his Bronco for $800 & was about to put on the stock 16" Alloy's from his Sport Trac onto the Bronco. When he saw me outside, he asked if I wanted them. I said sure And I gave him the Stock 15" wheels from my Explorer for him to put onto the Bronco which looks better with them anyways & the 16's are now on my truck & it looks better too. Cause of that, the ride has improved greatly & it completed rid a driveshaft vibe my truck had. So yeah, it has 191k & the engine, transmission, differential, Interior, Everything is just perfect. Don't see Y I should get rid of it with such perfect shape & for what I got it for. Not too concerned over the MPG's cause on Straight Highway driving, I can get 20.5MPG+ and that driving around 72 MPH. Plus it's not used full time so it just doesn't hurt to use it on occasion. Unless I Do anything else to this truck, I guess this will be the final video I post of it as I've pretty much covered it enough over the years.

5.0 Ford Explorer No Rear Cat
Just a quick clip showing the recently deleted Rear Cats on My 2000 Ford Explorer 5.0 V8. Mods include Torque Monster Headers, Mac Intake, Dual In/Out Flowmaster 40 series, SCT Tuner.

347 Mountaineer X-303 cam open exhaust Idle lope
Sound of open Exhaust--and x 303 cam

1998 Ford Explorer Limited 5.0L V8 Exhaust View Rev - 211K
I've done plenty of these 5.0L V8 Explorers & Mountaineers but I never really made a good Exhaust view. I always liked the stock Exhaust note in these. Probably the best sounding V8 power SUV during the 90's.

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