RC Jeep VS Dodge Dakota 4x4

I'm not sure how Ken and Barbie feel about me defiling their Jeep, but I see them driving the Corvette mostly these days.

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First RC Transtar Premium Coach by SG Truckers
First RC Coach in Singapore.

dodge dakota V8 1999 in the mud
this is my dad with is truck, having fun:p

Lee Classic Turret Press VS Load Master - youtube video loading buddy
I like to reload while playing youtube videos of reloading.... kinda like having your buddy there loadin with you. I like one particular video best '100 rounds on load master' as it's all business, and just like havin a video buddy loadin at his bench next to mine. I know... I need a life. The video is playing on the screen behind my press, I probably should have positioned the camera better so you could see it more clearly, but I am now out of primers untill my next order arrives.

Model 1 Sales $55 AR-15 A2 butt stock how to paint gray to black easy & cheap
This is the cheap and easy way to paint your AR-15 A2 butt stock black. The Model 1 Sales A2 butt stocks often come from the distributor a charcoal gray color, but with proper painting methods a rattle can finish can look good for little money. For those of you with a cheap streak running up your back (like me) this will make you quite happy!