How to- Change Spark Plugs on Ford 3 valve modular engines Autolite

See how to remove and replace the High Thread spark plugs used on these engines without breaking them. Autolite takes you through the steps needed to do this right.

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F-150 Transmission Shutter - Fixed - Coil on Plug and Spark Plug Swap
Do you have a shutter around 45-50 MPH in your f-150, explorer, expedition, lincoln navigator or other Ford with a 5.4L or 4.6L triton engine? It may not be your torque converter or your transmission. It might be your coil pack (coil on plug) and your spark plugs. My truck did NOT set an engine code when it shuttered or shook. Simply accelerating after the overdrive gear locked out would cause the shutter to stop. A new Accel super coil pack and motor craft spark plugs fixed the problem 100%. It cost under $300 to do it myself (including the cost of removing / extracting all the broken spark plugs.) Other videos associated with this repair: Removing broken spark plugs: Removing a socket from a cylinder head: Follow me on social media. Facebook - Twitter - Instagram -

Ford 3v Engines Broken Spark Plug Removal: What To Do When The Lisle Tool FAILS
Get this Lisle tool at the absolute lowest price from Amazon here- creative=390957&creativeASIN=B00267PZUK&linkCode=as2&tag=fordt-20&linkId=RG SBJQRKCGPPV7KV In this video I show you what to do when the Lisle tool breaks and also what to do when the Lisle tool just won't grip the shell you are trying to extract. Bur Bit to use- How to use the Lisle tool to remove Broken Spark Plugs- New R/C Channel R/C Addict Makuloco- Facebook- Ford Tech Makuloco- R/C Addict Makuloco-

Removing broken spark plug from Triton 5.4 liter ford-Angry Mechanic
This is a video on Removing broken spark plug from Triton 5.4 liter ford with the Lisle 65600 Broken Spark Plug Remover for Ford Triton 3 Valve Engines. this was the second time using this tool and it worked like a charm. years ago I pulled a head over this same thing so this tool is a life saver. I have worked for Chevy for the last 10 years and was unaware this tool existed. Buying this tool pays for itself the first time you use it. and I highly recommend it to anyone who encounters this issue. Please like and Subscribe to my channel. I will be doing more tech help stuff in the future. Thanks...The Angry Mechanic.

NAPA Service Tools Ford Broken Spark Plug remover SER #4663
Removes Broken Spark Plugs From The Cylinder Head On Ford Triton 5.4 l, 4.6 l, & 6.8 l, 3-Valve Engines w/o Removing The Head