Bmw m3 Gtr Hans Joachim Stuck 2004 Nurburgring Nordschleife 4Th Vln Run Qualify 8min30sec Dvdrip

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BMW M3 GTR 24h Nürburgring H.-J. Stuck
Great battle with the DTM Opel Astra V8 Coupe at the end! Watch it! Free Practice at the 24h Nürburgring 2004 Freies Training 24 Stunden Rennen Nürburgring vom 10.06. - 13.06.2004. BMW M3 E46 GTR Fahrer/Driver: Hans-Joachim "Striezel" Stuck

Nordschleife BMW M3 GTR Hans Stuck turn by turn commentary + video enhanced, captions
This is a classic video and it can be found *everywhere* on the net. It's an absolute must-see, if you love the Nordschleife or want to learn the track. Watch Hans-Joachim Stuck carve through traffic in his BMW M3 GTR on his way to a record-setting lap, and hear his insightful turn-by-turn commentary. This video is a mashup of two other videos, listed below. I have mixed the engine and gearbox noise very loud (the way it should be IMHO), which makes the commentary a little hard to hear, but I've added subtitles so you can can still catch every word. Sadly, the video quality is not good - not on any version of this video that I know about. I don't think a high-quality version has *ever* been available. I did what I could to help it - mainly Boosting the colors a little, and cropping the image for modern 16:9 screens. For the video and the engine/transmission sounds, I used "BMW M3 GTR on Nürburgring" For Hans' commentary, I used "Nürburgring with BMW M3 GTR and turn by turn commentary with Hans Stuck" Thanks to these uploaders, the filmmakers (whoever they may be) and thanks to Hans-Joachim Stuck for a great drive and great commentary!

Nürburgring with BMW M3 GTR and turn by turn commentary with Hans Stuck.
The Nürburgring with a turn by turn commentary. A real record setting lap by an experienced driver... Watch, learn and "lead, follow or get out of the way"...

Nordschleife 2014 Big Crash & Fail Compilation Nürburgring Touristenfahrten VLN 24H Rallye
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