Bmw m3 Gtr Hans Joachim Stuck 2004 Nurburgring Nordschleife 4Th Vln Run Qualify 8min30sec Dvdrip

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Nordschleife BMW M3 GTR Hans Stuck turn by turn commentary + video enhanced, captions
This is a classic video and it can be found *everywhere* on the net. It's an absolute must-see, if you love the Nordschleife or want to learn the track. Watch Hans-Joachim Stuck carve through traffic in his BMW M3 GTR on his way to a record-setting lap, and hear his insightful turn-by-turn commentary. This video is a mashup of two other videos, listed below. I have mixed the engine and gearbox noise very loud (the way it should be IMHO), which makes the commentary a little hard to hear, but I've added subtitles so you can can still catch every word. Sadly, the video quality is not good - not on any version of this video that I know about. I don't think a high-quality version has *ever* been available. I did what I could to help it - mainly Boosting the colors a little, and cropping the image for modern 16:9 screens. For the video and the engine/transmission sounds, I used "BMW M3 GTR on Nürburgring" For Hans' commentary, I used "Nürburgring with BMW M3 GTR and turn by turn commentary with Hans Stuck" Thanks to these uploaders, the filmmakers (whoever they may be) and thanks to Hans-Joachim Stuck for a great drive and great commentary!

Hans-Joachim Stuck guida la Porsche 956 di Stefan Bellof Stuck è un omo fortunato. Molto fortunato. Ha avuto la possibilità di guidare la splendida Porsche 956 Rothmans, telaio nr.007, guidata da Stefan Bellof al Ring. Proprio la vettura che ha permesso al pilota tedesco di segnare in qualifica il tempo record, tutt'ora imbattuto di 6 minuti e 11 secondi. Un uomo fortunato, non c'è che dire!

BMW M3 GTR 24h Nürburgring H.-J. Stuck
Great battle with the DTM Opel Astra V8 Coupe at the end! Watch it! Free Practice at the 24h Nürburgring 2004 Freies Training 24 Stunden Rennen Nürburgring vom 10.06. - 13.06.2004. BMW M3 E46 GTR Fahrer/Driver: Hans-Joachim "Striezel" Stuck

A hell of a ride at the Nordschleife.
Liri Farfus followed countless races closely, always hoping her husband puts in a great result, coming home without a scratch. However, she wants to experience a lap of the Nordschleife by herself - and joined Augusto as a co-driver in the "Green Hell". Was it a very good idea, watch this video and find out. This video was Made by STEREOSCREEN, visit their website and other amazing video's at