2005 Buick Royaum

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buick Royaum 展廳版

Holden Caprice Trim Trauma
Coming up: How GM Holden will profiteer from you, and effectively reward itself for underdone engineering and second-rate construction in the car it sold you. This episode was inspired by Michael, the owner of a Holden Caprice which lost a little piece of trim near the C-pillar. When Michael went to replace it, all he wanted was to do was buy that missing piece of trim. Then, the butterfly effect took over. Holden told him he’d need to buy a window as well. Would you like a window with that? They would not even point him in the direction of the secret supplier of said trim. Total cost: more than $400. For a little piece of trim that just fell off. So bend over, grab your ankles and start whistling Moon River - the incredible story starts here.

GM Daewoo Statesman 2005 commercial (korea) GM대우 스테이츠맨 광고
GM Daewoo Statesman 2005 commercial (korea) GM대우 스테이츠맨 광고 성우 : 김도현

Buick Royaum 2006 by 3D model store Humster3D.com
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