CHECK OUR NEW VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1cDomqfJT8o&feature=youtu.be NEW 5 LITER PER HOUR MACHINE VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D5uIg2xRpoU We are making machines for producing diesel fuel. They can be made on your demand. Small or big. Running on electric power or on WMO. Our machine can work without babysitting in the middle of nowhere. You come, start the machine, leave and come tomorrow to collect your diesel. No electricity, no water, nothing! It can work by itself. Our machines do not have odor, do not make noise, and it produces money, as you can see on the film, yellow money. We know how to stabilize our diesel fuel. We can inform you. We can make a machine on your requirement. We need dealers around the world. We are located on territory of former Yugoslavia. We can make you happy. Thanks for your time. You can contact us on our e-mail which is homemadediesel@gmail.com check out our webiste: http://wmotodiesel.webs.com/

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Homemade Diesel
We produce and sell machines which can produce diesel fuel or base oil from waste oils (waste motor oil, hydraulic oil, transformer oil..) Produce your own diesel fuel for almost free. We also sell plans if you want to make the machine yourself, thus avoiding transport and tax costs. With plans you also get along 24/7 technical support. We are located in Croatia, Europe. You can contact us on homemadediesel@gmail.com for any questions or purchase and you can also visit our webpage: http://wmotodiesel.webs.com/ Also check our other videos of different machines. Thanks for viewing

Diesel & Gasoline made from what other people throw away
How to make fuel from waste mineral oil or plastic. Caution: Distilling fuel makes extremely explosive vapor. Please take proper safety precautions.

WMO, WATF into Diesel Fuel
Just a demonstration of the product and setup I am selling. This is for pre 2006 vehicles without the use of a DPF, catalytic converter and Exhaust sensor. This set up has worked for many, why not try it yourself? Our unique blend of specialty polymer mega-beads absorb and capture emulsified water, antifreeze, and other contaminants. THANKS FOR WATCHING andrew@canadacatalyst.ca

We produce and sell machines like this one, so you can produce your own diesel fuel from waste oil. We also sell DIY plans, so you can produce the machine of your own. The smallest capacity is 5 liters per hour and the biggest capacity is unlimited. Machine is easy and completely safe to use. The yield of machine is about 80%, that depends on the quality of oil you use. Machine MUST always work outside. 5% of WMO that you convert will be needed to heat the machine. Contact us on: homemadediesel@gmail.com