1995 3000GT FWD non turbo base, converted to AWD Twin Turbo by Shooter83.

http://florida3s.com/forum/past-work/16927-picture-intensive-twin-turbo-swap-awd-conversion-red3kgt95rs-1995-3000gt-base.html i also converted the 1995 non turbo engine harness to use a first gen OBDI twin turbo ECU, and wired in resistors for the low impedance fuel injectors that the twin turbo engine uses. i performed all of this at my shop in two weeks.

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3000GT 0-100Mph in FWD Twin Turbo
This is a 3000GT base model converted to Twin turbo on the High compression engine (10.1). Hope you enjoy it. I'm only Boosting wastegate pressure which is around 6psi. My second gear isn't doing great so my shifting was slow, I also found a Boost leak at my BOV shortly after this pull, my clamp was broken so things could of been a bit better... Boost leak test wouldn't even get up to 3psi. This is a FWD not AWD.

3000GT SINGLE TURBO SOUND............

1995 3000gt 6G74 3.5L
just a fun little video to prove something to some guys. leave comments.

3000gt vr4 single turbo gt40r
steeve's 3000gt single turbo conversion 4po Exhaust, 800hp set-up,water injection and everything you need for a monster 3000gt!!