First Driving

David gets his first driving lesson in the parking lot of Glendale High School. If you'd like to see David today (age 27), check out this video where he goes sky diving for the first time: I resisted the urge to call the new video First Diving Lesson.

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How to Parallel Park
How to Parallel Park driving lessons

First Driving Lesson with Accredited Driving School A real first lesson, not acting! To get all the information you need to pass your drivers test, call Accredited Driving School for expert instructors. 961-443-5286 / 760-466-7219 / 909-366-8582 / 858-964-0091 Music, Acting, Prod. Assist. William Hard

Keenan's First Driving Lesson
My 15 year old learns to drive. And I? Lose five years off my life.

15 year old FIRST TIME DRIVING! Road Trip.
First of the five kids starts Driver's Ed (YIKES).. While on the way to see friends, she studies for the written test to get her learner's permit. And of course, you get to see Disney, our dog. Dana and Family PO Box 1068 Mountain Home, NC 28758