First Driving

David gets his first driving lesson in the parking lot of Glendale High School. If you'd like to see David at age 27, check out this video where he goes sky diving for the first time: I resisted the urge to call the new video First Diving Lesson.

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Ariela's First Driving Lesson!
I’m so heartbroken that I accidently clicked on the stop recording button halfway through this so that I didn’t capture the entire experience. “Mom” was taking a Sunday afternoon nap so I took all the kids with me to start teaching my daughter how to drive. This is the 1st time she’s ever been in the driver’s seat. I took her sibling much to her objection, but I took them because it would make for a more interesting video since they know how to naturally provide commentary for this episode. LOL! We stayed off the public roads and limited ourselves to the roads and parking lot of the fairgrounds.

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Shelbi's First Driving Lesson
Shelbi McCall takin' it to the streets on Thanksgiving Day, 2010

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