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Speed GT lap with a Porsche 928 485RWHP

Mark Anderson brought out his 928 race car in 2004 in the "GT3RS" livery, sporting a new carbon-fiber intake making 485 RWHP. Beautiful in dash footage. Watch him go! Great job Mark!


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928 GTS racing from back of the pack
Mark Anderson decimates the field showing everyone that the 928 is to be respected

Wheeler Dealers Porsche 928 Del 1 - SWESUB
Den professionella bilhandlaren Mike Brewer har en budget på ett par tusen pund och hans uppgift är att hitta en begagnad bil med lite skavanker på. Som sedan hans topp mekaniker Edd China fixar till topp skick, och sedan säljs bilen med förhoppningen att tjäna lite pengar på jobbet. I detta avsnittet renoveras en Porsche 928. Programmet är textat med svensk text. Del 1/5.

Porsche 928 S Quick Drift
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Porsche 928 Racing at the Track
The 928's reputation is one of a fast, loud, & born to speed Porsche. Another racer spins out and almost crashes.

Porsche 928 GTS and Acura NSX (driving at speed limit, not racing!)
Sorry if you were looking for a race, just driving down I-75 North of Tampa between 100-140mph. A buddy of mine is driving the car.

928 Motorsports Race Car 1 Week before Pikes Peak
This clip shows a quick acceleration run inside 928Motorsports' Great White Shark one week before its world debut at Pikes Peak International Hillclimb. One of many test and tune days before the race. 5.0L V8 Supercharged CIS with 928M Patent Pending Powerdyne Impeller ~500hp. Direct quote from Carl Fausett (owner, driver) "Found a nearby hill with nearly a 20 degree grade. We like to use it to see how she pulls going uphill. The average grade at Pike's Peak is 7 degrees with a maximum grade of 1 0.5 degrees. The truck I pass is doing 55, we think."

Porsche 928 sounds
Porsche racing sounds from a BMW e46 race car at Laguna Seca

Project 928 - 1990 Porsche 928 S4
I purchased this car over the phone. It hadn't been running in about 2 years and the owner had no idea what was wrong with it. It had sat in the back of a shop's lot for over a year until the bank decided to sell the car to them. They tried to get it started, but couldn't figure it out. I had her flatbedded to my place and within 45 minutes ...

Sharks in the Mountains 2008, A gathering of Porsche 928's
An annual gathering of Porsche 928 enthusiasts in North Carolina. 928's are nicknamed Sharks due to the look of their unique fold down headlights and the event is held in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina along the Blueridge Parkway, thus the name "Sharks in the Mountains".

Porsche 928 1978 model
Very nice Porsche 928 1978 model V8 test drive. Norway 2007. Car handles very nice and is in perfect condition.

Porsche 928 dyno with FIRE!
1985 Euro Porsche 928S, 5 speed. The car is stock, 266 rwhp (to the ground) which in Texas on a hot day, is about 325-335 hp (at the flywheel). I believe the 1985 Euro was rated at 310 hp - so 23 years later - this car is BETTER than when it was built! THANKS to http://www.PorscheSolutions.com & Mark Robinson & his team! PrimeLending, a PlainsCapital Company http://www.JeffAlbrecht.com Jeff Albrecht NMLS # 176723 Office: 512-381-4643 / Cell: 512-934-3121 LOVE the fire at the end! Jeff Albrecht Group, Ltd.

Porsche 928 GTS six wheel pickup
Deutsche Welle channel Auto Motor und Sport TV clip of six wheel 928 GTS pickup.

David Hemmings (Porsche 928 expert) @ Porsche Club GB 2009 Blenheim Palace
http://www.veloce.co.uk. Porsche 928 - The Essential Buyer's Guide. Written from a background of 30 years continuous ownership of Porsches from a 914 to 911s to two 928s. David Hemmings has also been a guiding member of Porsche Club Great Britain throughout this time and therefore writing about the cars, and 928s in particular, was a natural and easy progression. There cannot be many details to have escaped his attention so this book allows them all to be shared with a much wider readership.

EV Rally 2008: EV Porsche 928 Conversion
Jeff McCabe is a mechanical engineer who converted his 1984 Porsche 928 in a full electric vehicle. He gave me a ride and I was able to ask him a few questions on his car and the future of EVs. Enza Sebastiani Produced/Shot/Cut by Enza Sebastiani 1000 Hearts - Copyright 2009 www.enzasebastiani.com

Porsche 928 In the Rain @ Laguna Seca
Modified Porsche 928S4 at a cold and wet open track day at Laguna Seca. Pirelli P-Zero Corsa System Asymmetricos rear, Pirelli P-Zero Corsas front.

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