2009 V8 Colorado Aero Turbine exhaust, no rear cats

http://www.V8ChevyColorado.com -- check it out! 2009 Colorado. Aero Turbine 3030XL muffler, 3" muffler back, after secondary cats were removed. I think there's a difference. Revv'd to about 6k

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1999 Mustang GT Aero Turbines AT2525
BBK cold air intake, BBK o/r x-pipe, Aero Turbine AT2525 mufflers.

2012 Chevy Colorado V8 Full Exhaust
2012 Chevy colorado V8 5.3,,, doug thorley tri-y headers, full 2 1/2" tubing 2 1/2" x-pipe, 2 flowmaster 44's single in single out, dual tips out on the rear right side

2004 Chevy Silverado V8 5.3L with Aero Turbine Exhaust.
2004 Silverado 5.3L with the aero turbine high performance Exhaust. It's a 3030xl pack. 3" in and 3" out. It has a built in resonator. Both cats are still on as well. Also it has a 3040 3" in 4" out stainless tip with the stock Exhausting pipping.

2009 Chevrolet Colorado V8 Cammed
5.3L V8 Stock Exhaust Manifolds True Dual Exhaust With Magnaflow Muffler Dumped Before Axle Circle D 3,200 Stall Comp Cam KarlenTracs Adjustable Traction Bars Tuned By PBJ (Performance By Joe)