2011 Drag Week Dodge Omni

ForceFedMopar off of turbo-mopar.com and his Dodge Omni 8valve turbo. It ran consistent low 12s and then into the 11s later in the week. All picture and videos taken by me. the song is Forfeit by Chevelle. Enjoy! www.turbomopar.com

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slideshow of omni pics
this is my car or was my mom and dad are buying me a 1986 plymouth reliantk wagonbecause the omnis floor/subframe needs to much work so this is like a goodbye video for it ill miss the hell out of the car tho i am parting it out if anybody here needs parts pm me with an offer smaller stuff can be shipped bigger stuff is pickup only make offer on the whole car and repair it it can be done it will have no engine or trans were keeping the engine/trans computer and some other stuff so if you have a wrecked 2.2 or 2.5 mopar and a good engine put it in this and use it for work and back ill mis the omni alot so i hope someone will give her a good home i have the title and keys make offer pick her up and shes yours NOTE I DO NOT OWN THE SONGS IN THIS VID I JUST PUT THEM IN MY AWSOME VID FOR AWSOME MUSIC enjoy the video

GLHS 432 is alive
Posted for my friend Chris Papademetrious Pics at : http://www.chrispitude.net/index.php?album=cars%2Fglhs%2Fresto&dispsize=&st art=0 Car is currently in the Shelby Museum in Las Vegas.

Omni goes 10's AGAIN !!!!!!!!
"Top Fuel" Bender omni goes 10's again Cecil Country Dragway Super Stallions of the Net Nationals 2008

1985 Dodge Omni GLH-T