650HP+ Audi S2 KILLS V8 @ Stockholm Open 2005 LONG VERSION

650HP+ Audi S2 KILLS V8 @ Stockholm Open 2005 LONG VERSION, with final =) Missed 3rd gear =(

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Audi S2 Anti Lag System, backfire & drifting!
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Audi S2(800PS) vs Kawasaki ZX12R(178PS)
Beim 1.Versuch: Verschalter vom 2. zum 3.Gang(Kawa), 2.Versuch: Audi schaltet zu spät, dadurch kurz Drehzahlbegrenzer

ALM Racing raw footage PART 5 (AUDI S2 4 wheel drift)
Flemming Alm pushing his Audi S2 to its limits like the old days! The footage was shot in Norway at Vinjarmoen Track. All footage from the outside is from http://www.motorsportfilmer.net Additional Footage: Tor André Børresen http://www.motorsportfilmer.net Outro music: Didrick - A Part Of You (WRLD Remix) https://soundcloud.com/thewrld https://www.facebook.com/thewrld http://twitter.com/wrldmusic http://instagram.com/thewrldmusic

Audi S2 Quattro Coupe Turbo Boosted Street Monster
Audi S2 Coupe Quattro turbo I5 2.2L 20V Boosted Street Legal Monster Doing Some Pulls