Glasair Flight

This airplane is so much fun! Fast, aerobatic, and econmic to fly. Here's a little slice of the Glasair life.

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1986 Glasair SH 2 | Low Pass Flight
I was digging through my computer and found an old video I had edited but never uploaded. In 2014 I was able to film a flight I had in my instructors aircraft. Some of these clips were taken from different times if your wondering why only one person is spotted in the aircraft at times.

Glastar landing rwy 1-Moose Creek, ID
While exploring Idaho backcountry airstrips we decided to drop in on Moose Creek. Elevation 2454. We were staying at Elk River, so we didn't bring our camping gear that day, but we'll be back! The recommended approach was down the Selway River canyon & a blind base leg for rwy 1. I came in high so as not to be surprised when I made the turn to final-had plenty of length to land long.

Glasair 1 For Sale
SOLD Original clips borrowed, all credits and thanks go to the original uploaders(hope they don't mind) click to see full video

Glasair TV interview