K Series Turbo Animation

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As a fresh graduate of mechanical engineering, am challenged to providing a better learning platform to Undergraduates in Nigeria, and the world at large. Hence, this is an all-comprehensive animation showing the major components of a turbocharger and how they combine to Boost the power of C.I Engines. Students will sure love it, professionals too...

How a turbocharger works. ¿Cómo funciona un turbocompresor?
How a turbocharger works, vnt,vgt. More info here. http://www.takeoffbriefing.com/como-funciona-un-turbocompresor-motor-sobrealimentado-video/ Funcionamiento del turbocompresor, válvulas de desagüe, turbos de geometría variable...

How a turbo works
An educational video about turbochargers. For more help and information about turbochargers go to www.arturbo.co.uk

VTG Turbocharger Animation