The Homebrew Electric Car Saga - Escort EV Installment 1

Here is the beginning of our journey into the world of EV conversion. This is a 95 Ford Escort being converted from gasoline to electric power - stay tuned for the fun! Ken.

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The Homebrew Electric Car Saga - Escort EV Installment 2
It's father's day and a bit more work gets done on the Escort - and we get a ride in an 89 Ford Ranger conversion - excellent! Ken.

Jetta EV conversion
Conversion of my 1995 VW Jetta to an EV

EV Electro Swift, Electric car Conversion

A Motorcycle that Can Change the Industry !
A San Francisco start-up has developed a car that could be a game changer for the auto industry. Lit Motors' C-1 bridges the gap between a car and a motorcycle, providing the safety of a car without the high ongoing costs of ownership. Because the vehicle is electric, commuting costs are negligible: "You can get to work and back for less than 50 cents a day,"