Fiat X19 trio

Green 1300, Blue 1500 and Black 1400 Uno turbo conversion. Sept 2011 in Egham after the Auto Italia magazine shoot.

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Bertone X1-9.avi
Bertone X1/9 1984 г. в., двигатель и КПП от VW Golf 1,8 GT, разгон до 100 км/ч - 7 сек

Fiat X19

Raduno Fiat Bertone X1/9. Milazzo 21 luglio 2013
compattamento del gruppo nello spiazzale sovrastante crocemare in attesa di dirigerci verso Capo di Milazzo

Fiat X1/9 Bertone 1.5L
I’d never come across one of these Bertone-designed in the Tokyo Auto Salon. The X1/9 is a mid-engined that I’ve always had a soft spot for; it was a superb idea – a compact two-seater with a normal production engine (from the 1.5L 128 coupé) fitted behind the cockpit for an MR layout, with most of its performance and fun coming from the chassis’ lack of weight. While being resurrected, the front and rear wheel arches were flared outwards and now accommodate a set of vintage-inspired Enkei92 wheels from Enkei’s Classic line. Through the spokes you catch a glimpse of the Endless brake calipers, which although look small, actually pack some serious stopping performance. Another detail that visually sets this X1/9 apart from others is the exterior plastic trim – including the engine cover, spoiler and front side intakes – which has all gone from black to being refinished in the same pearl white paint as the body panels. To complete what is an outstanding build, the interior has been trimmed in red leather and sports a pair of vintage-styled Bride seats, giving it all a true touch.