Promaz Mazda R100 drag car

13B turbo rotary powered Mazda R100 runs 9.17 at 141mph Promaz Automotive

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Mazda RX3 13B rotary turbo - Promaz Automotive
Ross' immaculate Mazda RX3 runs into the 9s for the first time. The new car is powered by a Promaz Automotive 13B bridgeport rotary engine and aided by a Garrett turbo and MicroTech EFI. Ross has fitted an Albins gearset to the Mazda RX-7 gearbox. The RX3 was only on low Boost this time out so expect the guys to run a lot quicker yet.

GAS747 VL Calais turbo runs 10.99 at 122mph
Calder Park July 2005. Nissan RB30 SOHC 3.0L on LPG.

Immaculate 13B turbo RX3 dyno ~ Promaz
Daniel's recently completed immaculate ground up rebuilt Mazda RX3 street car on the Dyno for the first time. Power comes from a Promaz Automotive bridge ported 13B Cosmo engine Boosted by a Garrett To4Z turbo and MicroTech EFI fuel system. [ ]

ClubVE Powerfest @ Calder Park
GM LS series V8 powered Holden Commodores and others rip up Calder Park for the private Club VE Powerfest day. Calder Park, Australia, December 22nd 2013