Promaz Mazda R100 drag car

13B turbo rotary powered Mazda R100 runs 9.17 at 141mph Promaz Automotive

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GAS747 VL Calais turbo runs 10.99 at 122mph
Calder Park July 2005. Nissan RB30 SOHC 3.0L on LPG.

10-second Mazda R100 rotary turbo
10-second Mazda R100 rotary turbo 4, 6 & Rotary - Adelaide International Raceway, Australia - November 23rd, 2013.

Mazda R100 13B turbo wins Pro Compact
Sport Compact Jamboree 2010 Pro Compact class. Craig Dyson wins the final, driving the Hi Octane Mazda R100 13B turbo rotary. Includes qualifying and elimination rounds.

Ford XY drifter ~ #LStheWORLD
Built over a 12 month period, James Mackie’s Ford XY has certainly attracted a lot of interest at Aussie drift events. The unconventional drifter was originally intended to be powered by a Ford turbo six, however a GM LS1 engine and gearbox ended up being a cheaper option to get the car up and running. The engine itself is still a 5.7L displacement with the main modifications being a baffled sump and VCM3 camshaft package that makes around 360hp to the tyres. A T56 gearbox is also fitted along with a Rip Shifter. 1971 Ford Falcon XY drift car Owner: James Mackie GM 346ci LS1 V8 engine VCM3 camshaft, baffled sump T56 six speed gearbox, Rip Shifter Borgwarner diff shortened full spool, 31-spline axles Shockworks shocks, Ford XF front end Hydraulic handbrake 6-point roll cage, Cobra seats, RPM harness Performance: 12.2 @ 113mph, 360whp Round 1 VicDrift Championship Calder Park Raceway - March 5th 2016 #LSTHEWORLD stickers now available here: Get your track gear! Follow us on social media @ Google+ Facebook YouTube Twitter Instagram