GTA San Andreas Malaysia Airlines Boeing 737-800 Mod


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Malaysian Airlines in GTA Vice City

GTA San Andreas Air Asia Airbus A380-800 - Flight SP Airport - San Fierro Airport (SAMP)
Server address: Air Asia Airbus A380 From Stunt Planet Airport to San Fierro Airport. Link for mod:

gta san andreas malaysia airlines new livery
Download link is not available. ~ Pray for #MH370 (;

GTA:SA Movie: The Ghost Town Killer
My First Gta Sa Movie. i Dont think its that good. but I hope you like it a bit :D Links: How I made this: New Website (February 2014): EDIT: thx for 1000 Views. 8 times faved =D. I'll make a ttrailer for part 2 Soon. Cya Guys around ;) EDIT: :O 16 faved and over 3.400 views =O. i didnt do a trailer yet because of time. you guys now school and stuff. but i give my best to have it out in december or something. i rly dont have time :( EDIT, FRIGGEN UNBELIEVBLE! HAAAAX ;). well anyway thank you guys for about 4.700 VIEWS and 24 times faved!! yea thats right! and now there you go! there is finaly the trailer for the sequal!!! *cheers* EDIT: Okay this is getting creepy. I thought 6000 views are much but now nearly 10.000? thats just....AWESOME thank you guys, never thought this would be so succesful. all credits go to you :) EDIT: 15k views in 8 months? Thats Awesome ! i thought it would never become this famous =D thx gang1337grace for telling me there are 15k views, i didnt even notice =P IF you wanna add me on msn thats the new Addy for GTA:SA Movies and myth hunting ^^ GtaSaGhostTown@H0tmail(.)com Okay, 100.000 Clicks do it. Check out The New The Ghost Town Killer 2 Teaser. Yup it will be done this sommer ;)