rat rod

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1948 International Rat Rod | Custom Built Truck
1948 International rat rod truck that was custom built and fabricated locally. I have seen this truck around a lot so I decided to shoot it for you. Looks to have a small block Ford engine and the owner said it is sitting on a Chevy S-10 frame with an air bag setup they configured them selves.

Paso Robles Car Show 2007
Hot Rods and Kustoms from http://www.HQQT-page.info.se

Ford Rat Rod aka Junk Rod
This is the complete build of a custom rat rod.

PRIUS REPELLANT - 1,000hp Diesel Rat Rod
Two of the BADDEST diesel rat rods in the world showed up at SEMA, built by WELDERUP, the infamous shop featured on Discovery Channel's Vegas Hotrods TV show. A lot of people remember this crazy rat rod from the Internet famous F*CK YOU AND YOUR PRIUS picture. The crazy 1,000+ hp and 1800-2000ft/lbs rat rod sedan put on a show at the SEMA after party on Friday night!