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Trans am make-over Check out my Cammed 2010 Chevy Camaro SS here:

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Black Trans Am
Black Trans Am autocross

bad ass trans am
bad ass trans am

Unleashing Hidden Horsepower on LT1 Firebird Trans Am
This video is about Maximizing horsepower Output on LT1 Engines, from Firebirds, Camaros or Corvette's as long as the Throttle is Cable operated. The vehicle used for this video is a 4th generation Firebird Trans Am. Doing videos showing how to perform repairs is important because many people learn from them. However, doing videos like this one is fun, there is nothing like unleashing every bit of power contained on a V-8 Engine and see this Beast come Alive. ( Unleash the Beast) The Scanner used for this Video is Auto X ray, this is an older Scanner, not sure if they still make this Model, I bought it around 15 years ago, it has been a great tool to own, specially for OBD I Vehicles.

94 trans am lt1 (BIGSASH)