Pontiac Trans Am GTA Burnout, Donuts

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6.0L (LQ9) 1998 Trans Am WS6 burnout
me with my 1998 WS6(6.OL LQ9)Trans Am at Lake Doucette Motor Speedway on Nov 14th 2010

Trans Am GTA burnout
This is a 1989 GTA 350ci 5.7L V8 TPI, 245hp, 340 lbs/ft torque, pretty much all original and stock.

Trans Am 1986 GTA Burnout
This is a cool burnout from marcus with his Trans am 1986 GTA

1989 Trans Am GTA Double Donuts
Double Donut in 1989 GTA Trans Am...... Was gonna do just a single but it was rollin so nice I figured I would swing a second...... Almost hit the curb wooops