Super Loud Truck 6 15" Subs Back At It - HD

bnj audio famu homecoming 2011 6 kicker subs

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Elroy's Ford Explorer - 6 Kicker Solobaric 15's 2 Power Acoustic 3k's
Team MBD threw a local IASCA event in Fort Myers so the entire family and myself came out and had a really good time. Wifey got her first hairtrick ever and I think the bug has bitten her slightly now! This truck MURDERED the lows! The box is actually tuned to 46 HZ but still plays the lows REALLY well for being tuned so high. I'll be uploading a bunch more clips of this event so stay tuned! Thanks for watching!

ridiculous 24 true bass 10 inch speakers in a Dodge Caravan. ... Follow me on IG @joshuafields80
FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM I FOLLOW BACK ITS @joshuafields80 Slammin n jammin 2008 car show bass contest raggedy van won the loudest of the loud.


Candy Purple Dually on 24's 4 12" Subs - HD
Audio Addicitions 850-521-1912 not even turned up