4AGE TRD Starlet Drag racing with Sequential Gearbox

Lawrence Drags 2012 second time using the Elite IL200 sequential 6 speed www.ingearperformance.com

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4AGE Toyota Starlet at Ruapuna 2013
Practice for the SIERDC one hour race at Ruapuna Powerbuilt Raceway, Christchurch New Zealand. The car is running with an Elite racing transmission IL200 6 Speed sequential. As you can see the car was struggling for rear end grip..... 4AGEフォーミュラアトランティック·エンジンを搭載した トヨタスターレットKP61、6速シーケンシャルトランスミ ション! www.ingearperformance.com

toyota starlet kp61 4age 20v blacktop
first testdrive with the starlet after the 4age 20v conversion ...

4age 20v ep91 starlet 1st power run
1st power run, with (modded 16v) obx Exhaust manifold and custom 2.5" Exhaust and hks mushroom filter, stock auto ecu on a 5spd manual transmission. pull done in 4th gear and hits the speed limiter at 7777rpm end result was 167.4hp 121lbft at the fly or 121.4whp

1000HP DRAG SUBARU w/ paddle shift
The latest car to undergo a transformation from KAPS Transmissions! This 1000HP drag subaru with NOS now has our Full sequential 6 speed transmission also complete with paddle shifting. Watch this beast eat up the road and the lightning quick gear changes!!!