1969 Buick Special Deluxe Driving Video

This is my 1969 Buick Special Deluxe. I'm 16 and it's my first car and first love. It's a 3 in the tree (so pay attention to how fast I can shift) with a chevy 250 in it. All original. 155HP/235Ft-lbs. I bark the tires into second in the video a few times.

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69 Turbo Buick Special Go Pro
Ride along in the turbo buick with my buddy's new GoPro and my dad

1969 Buick Special Deluxe Skylark part 1
1969 Buick Special Deluxe (Skylark) all original. 250 straight-6 engine with power-glide transmission. This car is in real good shape for it's age. You don't see to many of these on the road. The car does run, but it will need some small work done here and there. The interior will need some work done as well. Overall the car has a lot of potential....The only reason I'm selling the car is because between work and school, I don't have the time. I'm asking 5000 obo. Don't try to low ball me because you wasting your time and mine. I'm not hurting for money! Email: tplaya2004@aol.com

video 69 buick special deluxe
this is my 1969 buick special deluxe i got it bout 3 months ago 55k origanal miles im the 3rd owner i paid $2,500.00 only for this beautiful car

1949 Buick Special Sedanette for Sale
Visit http://www.sunsetclassics.com/1949-buick-special/ to see this great old classic 1949 Buick Special Sedanette for sale from Sunset Classics in Minneapolis Minnesota. This Buick Special has been with the same loving owner since 1974! But during the first part of its life this Buick Special was living the dream under the ownership of a lady living in Los Angeles, CA. There is still an oil change sticker in the door jam showing this classic 1949 Buick Special was serviced right on Hollywood Blvd. This 1949 Buick has the factory 248-cid straight eight motor which was standard on all Buick Specials of this era. The straight eight Buick engine produces 110 hp and it delivers power to the rear drive wheels through a three-speed transmission. The engine number of this particular '49 Buick is 52468544. The current owner purchased this '49 in 1974 from his Dad's business partner. The Buick served as his wheels during the last three years of High School in a small farm town in central Wisconsin. But since the owner lived only two blocks from High School, he walked every day. As a result only about 2000 miles were put on the odometer of this Buick during that time. After the owner went away to college, his father and brother would take the old Buick out a few times per year to keep things fresh. But even so, the odometer still only shows 78,898 original miles. Take a look at the full description as well as 2 detailed photo galleries at the link above and then give me a call because you deserve a fun classic like this in your collection. John Snell 612-805-2428 Thanks for watching, please drop a big 'ol thumbs up and a Like on this special Buick Special. http://youtu.be/PVOZSxaQysc