G8 GT solo mach shorty exhaust #2

Listen to it spin the tires going into second!. It does it going into third also, But I ran out of room. Car has ramjet intake, a tune, and solo mach shorty unbalanced cat back as far as performance mods go.

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G8 MOVIE!!!.wmv
Just a quick little movie I made for fun!! I DO NOT own the soundtrack all rights go to there respective owners.

SOLO Performance Exhaust Comparison
This is a comparison between the SOLO Performance Mach Shorty Balanced cat-back Exhaust system on 2 Pontiac G8 GTs. One has stock Exhaust manifolds and catalytic converters while the other had Kooks 1 7/8" long tubes and the SOLO high flow cats. Enjoy!

G8 GT vs BMW M5
2009 g8gt. mods are intake, tube, long tube headers, high flow cats and a cat back Exhaust. The BMW driver said he is "stock with Exhaust and visual mods" Unsure whether or not he was tuned. Sorry the video is soo shitty, I was in manual mode so I was trying to shift also. Towards the end of the video I give a glimpse in the side mirror for half a second and you can see that he is about half a car behind me. And when I let off because of the car in front of me. He flys by.

Pontiac G8 w/ Solo Performance Mach Shorty Cat Back
Just a few sound clips from my new Exhaust. This system has about 500 miles on it so the packing is somewhat fresh. Expect it to get a little deeper and louder as time goes on. The car does have a R