Stuck on Hill 2

Thanks to the awesome J&K Thompson's Tow Truck from Mt Victoria, we were free from the dreaded blue Mountains claws.

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Mixed Bag of some good old Iron

JUGGERNAUT Stuck In Snow In South Nutfield February 2nd 2009 UNIMOG to the rescue
The juggernaut, a Volvo FH12 owned by CONCERT HAUL of Dartford, was pulling a container owned by UNIT45, The Dutch 45ft container specialist, who have introduced Europe's first truly intermodal 45ft reefer container. The driver thought he could find the M25 via South Nutfield. He got stuck on the RHS of the Avenue, and couldn't move. He was towed up the Station Approach by a local farmer Guy Amos and his Unimog, this enabled him to reverse back on the LHS of The Avenue so he could now turn the corner and aim between the two cars parked outside The Station Hotel, without hitting either.

Tow Truck getting a work out.
Oversize load being towed at RT1 and RT322 in Concordville PA.

Tow truck towing a tow truck towing a tow truck...
Conjoined tow trucks at the Des Moines 50th parade