C5 Corvette Tune then Dyno

My 97 C5 Corvette on the Dyno after tune by Ron Bilyeu. Halltech cai, Z06 intake man., TPIS long tube headers, corsa X, and Borla stingers.

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2000 Stock MN6 C5 on DYNO - Test of More HP with or without Cutouts - MORE is the ANSWER!
C5 Corvette on a Mustang Dyno. Did several runs and was trying to settle once and for all if more HP is gained from cutouts or not. It appears anywhere from 7 to 11 RWHP can be gained with cutouts Open!

C5 Corvette mufflers vs no mufflers
Pulled the mufflers off my car, the result is a really loud, obnoxious Exhaust, go figure! hahah LG Pro long tube headers, no cats, Corsa Exhaust, few other bolt-ons too.

Corvette c5 Dyno Tune Long Tube Headers Vararam Intake
Corvette c5 Dyno Tune at Cartek Long tube headers Vararam intake stock mufflers and clutch

The Sweet Ride Corvette gets a 21st Century Tune-Up
Brian Fuller and Kevin Byrd from Two Guys Garage give the Sweet Ride 2004 Corvette a tune-up using cutting edge diagnostic equipment from Standard Motor Products