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1999 International Pokka 1000km
1999 International Pokka 1000km 1999 インターナショナルポッカ1000km耐久レース GT500クラスが本格参戦した初年度の鈴鹿1000km。現在はSUPE RGTシリーズの1戦ですが、原点はここにあると思います 様々なクラスの混走や海外組の参戦も魅力でした。 Pokka Got it! ガティ!

FIA GT Championship at Laguna Seca, 1997.
Oh, so many drivers' names that it would take me a week to research them all. Just go Google the results (or watch this vid) and pick your favorite. Mine's actually McNish. Note to non-racers: Regardless of what the broadcast team here says, taking your hands off the wheel when you know the car's headed off isn't some sort of social statement. It's to keep from breaking your thumbs or wrists when the damn thing hits something. Watching it again all these years later, I thought Dorsey would have mentioned that. I miss the days when there wasn't an instant FCY for a car off the road. IMO, doing the work under a 'local yellow' was enough. And of course, "SPEEDVISION!" Among the ads are promos for the network's boat and motorcycle stuff. And even an early promo for Dern hosting "Lost Drive-In".

Michigan Meteor Jan 16 2018
Camera used: No audio - Didn't hear any loud sounds - Timestamp is off - happened around 8:08PM EST (thanks Refaldooloo) - looked really close - I75 Northbound between Troy and Bloomfield Hills For any licensing requests please contact

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