match bomb 4000

bomb made out of 4000 match heads in a pop can. working on a bigger one in the future. GO BIG OR GO HOME

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Mythbusters: 1,000,000 match bomb!
The Mythbusters have created a bomb out of 1,000,000 (million) matches. As a part of their "You Tube Special". Enjoy!

Match head powder
Making gun powder from match heads

Super Awesome 10,000 Matchhead Bomb
COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE. We took a 15 inch cardboard tube and filled it all the way to the top with over 10,000 match heads.

WhiteBoard Maker Match Head Bomb: Part 1
Hi guys ch4oticblast here so this is a match head bomb in a white board maker so be sure to like and this is a 225 match head bomb and its quite a big bomb so thanks for looking at this white board maker /whiteboard maker match head bomb whiteboard, bomb, match head board match boom bomb PLEASE WATCH THIS BOMB AND MATCH HEAD THING