$2009 AWD Hybrid Fiero - How it works

This is a run through what it takes to drive the AWD hybrid Fiero and how to drive it in different modes. I built this car for the Grassroots Motorsports $2009 challenge, with a total investment of about $1800. Here's a link to the build thread: http://grassrootsmotorsports.com/fiero

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My Fiero Choptop Build (part 1)
Simple video showcasing the customizing that I'm doing in my home workshop. The car is a 1988 Fiero GT the 3" roof chop uses v8 Archie's products and instruction. Music By: Quiet Music for Tiny Robots "Buffering" from the album QMTR 2014 QMTR 2014 by Quiet Music for Tiny Robots is licensed under a Attribution License. http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Quiet_Music_for_Tiny_Robots/QMTR_2014/

Ford SHO mid engine RWD in a Fiero Redneck dune buggy
Initial Startup, running in the parking lot by my shop. A few donuts, a few drifts and some straight line runs. A piss poor attempt to laying a patch! lol My friends and I have spent over 400 hours building this car. It is caged with race seats and harness belts. I plated the chassis and completely rebuilt the back end of the frame to suit my driving needs! I used the subframe from the Taurus SHO and modified it to fit the Fiero. I also plated the subframe and added a 1/2" thick aluminum skidplate! This baby is built to drive the piss out of it! :D It will be interesting when I start running exotic blends of fuel, as I am only starting off with some 87 Octane fuel to start with here. More to come in time.... I have an MTX and a auto Tranny I am willing to sell!

Fiero Build Ep.1
Start of the adventure. Building a complete 1988 Fiero Gt from two cars. I have $700 total into both cars. Watch as I fumble my way though my first car build!

$600 Electric Truck Conversion
http://www.useafuel.com - Convert an old car into an electric vehicle. This is actually as easy as it sounds in the video. You might have most of the components already. If not someone local has it for cheap. I hope this inspires you to build your own and there will be a lot more videos to come.