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Bristol Bandit Race

Larry Snead vs. Nick Yarber in the semi-finals of a race in 2007. A close look at the end of the video will show the deck lid of the Snead Racing machine taking flight. Don't worry though, a little Duck Tape held in on for the finals!


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yarber racing

Nick Yarber vs. Brad Marsh
Farmington Dragway 4 May 2013

Onboard with Snead Racing
Ride along as Clinton Snead makes a pass down the legendary Thunder Valley!

MW8.5RA Promotional Video
Midwest Heads Up 1/8 mile, 8.5" wide tire drag racing "Crazy 8's"

Motor Mile SSO 275 .vs. 28s Nick Yarber & Mauro Vitale
Finals over the summer at Motor Mile Dragway in 275 vs 28s, Nick Yarber in his turbocharger SN95 versus Mauro Vitale in his Procharged SN95

Onboard Cam from Passenger's Side
Ride along with Clinton Snead in the Small Block Ford powered Ford EXP!

Snead Racing Mishap
Larry goes for a crazy ride in the team's dragster

Ziff Hudson vs Nick Yarber Round 2 Outlaw X
Hudson taking the win after something on Nick's car failed on trying to make Boost at the line...Outlaw X @ Small Block Nationals

Bristol Dragway June 28th 2013
Virginia Laser Shootout! Who will return..Yarber? Bise/Bricky? Hurley? Lee? Glover? Hughes? Kinzer? Lutz? Don't forget the 2 wheel crowd and Dollar? Come see what happens when the street racers take over the top spot for a night of heads-up mayhem.

Snead Racing
Snead Racing's Ford EXP at Bristol Dragway.

Wheelie Bar Video - Snead Racing
This shot is looking back at the Thunder Valley tower from the wheelie bars of Snead Racing's Ford EXP with Clinton Snead at the wheel. Be sure to hang on for this one!

Snead Racing Onboard
Ride along in Snead Racing's Ford EXP as Clinton captures a round win!

Nick Yarber 4.85 Dave Acker 4.95
Nick Yarber runs 4.85 and Dave Acker runs a 4.95 on their final qualifying attempts to go to #10 and #19 in X275 at the 3rd annual Yellow Bullet Nats.

Nick yarber sn95 x275 qualifying at LO5
Nick yarbers beautiful sn95 having some issues on the line

Nick Yarber Outlaw X
Nick Yarber bye run, this car is gonna be one to watch, it def is making some power!!!! Outlaw X @ Small Block Nationals

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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