Bristol Bandit Race

Larry Snead vs. Nick Yarber in the semi-finals of a race in 2007. A close look at the end of the video will show the deck lid of the Snead Racing machine taking flight. Don't worry though, a little Duck Tape held in on for the finals!

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Nick Yarber 4.85 Dave Acker 4.95
Nick Yarber runs 4.85 and Dave Acker runs a 4.95 on their final qualifying attempts to go to #10 and #19 in X275 at the 3rd annual Yellow Bullet Nats.

Ziff Hudson vs Nick Yarber Round 2 Outlaw X
Hudson taking the win after something on Nick's car failed on trying to make Boost at the line...Outlaw X @ Small Block Nationals

Nick yarber slideways
Trying out the gopro cam on Yarbers car. Track was slick.

Nick Yarber No Mercy V