Pro Street - Ethan Barkley

Canadian drag racing champion Ethan Barkley likes his bike wired tight. His 2006 Gixxie Thou is wired tighter than Dick's hatband. Running a professional drag race bike requires a certain attention to detail that eludes the average person. A certain desire for endless repetition, note-taking, control adjusting, and the odd maniacal high speed pass or two It's a singular desire for speed, completely devoid of any creature comforts - such as turns. It is as pure as it is mental. And we mean that in the kindest way. "Olly" footie courtesy of Rob Aston

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With the help of ICON team rider Ewa Pieniakowska, we set out to blend all three our favorite felines into the most awesome of all jungle stalkers - the Shaguar™. Half sexy time, half prowlers, fully purrtastic. Music: Harlin James & Clav - Top Of Our Game

Lords Of The Atlas - Out Of Africa
2 of Team Raiden’s finest headed to Southern Africa on 15 day and over 3000 miles of Big Time and Big Game adventure. From the blistering Kalahari Desert to the Kingdom in the Sky, dodging elephants the whole way. Never the less, they pet a cheetah so the story could end right there and still be rad.

Alliance GT Pro Shield Change Tutorial
In this video we demonstrate how to remove and reinstall the Pro Shield on the ICON Alliance GT helmet.

TiMax - Titanium Riding Collection
Battles are won and lost at the hands of the individual warrior, yet rely on the duality of man and monster. Forever embarking on an archetypal journey representing the quest for identity, they ride hand in glove on a parallel quest. At last, when the wrath is laid to rest and the dust settles on the battlefield, the warrior and the TiMax stand alone, together.