Pro Street - Ethan Barkley

Canadian drag racing champion Ethan Barkley likes his bike wired tight. His 2006 Gixxie Thou is wired tighter than Dick's hatband. Running a professional drag race bike requires a certain attention to detail that eludes the average person. A certain desire for endless repetition, note-taking, control adjusting, and the odd maniacal high speed pass or two It's a singular desire for speed, completely devoid of any creature comforts - such as turns. It is as pure as it is mental. And we mean that in the kindest way. "Olly" footie courtesy of Rob Aston

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ICON 1000 Dethgrip
Billy was an All American flat tracking legend, the absolute best, who made a deal with the devil to win ‘em all. Well, ol Billy missed a payment with the Prince of Darkness, which wasn’t the wisest choice because when Satan himself comes to collect, the only payment plan is your life. Forever cursed to rerun that same race, Dead Billy haunts the dirt of his ill-fated raceway grave.

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