X275 Drifting

X275 Mustang at Milan's Ultimate Outlaws race gets out of shape

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Rocket City Nationals at Huntsville Dragway Al.Ft. TT Jones & Mike Hill
Rocket City Nationals in Huntsville Al. with TT Jones and The "Hitman" Mike Hill with Big Money Bill Clanton,Tim Seagers,ADRL Pro Mod Bike Champion Kimberly Morrell,"PINKY"Jack Young,Lil Willie and Travis Davis just to name a few. Great weekend for Drag Racing with Nitrous Pro Mods, Blower Pro Mods and Limited Street Classes from the NEW HUNTSVILLE DRAGWAY...Coverage By: Bike Paparazzi

king of the midwest shootout pt 1 (TURBO GT VS MARK CRANK) DA WITE BOYZ
1 turbo Gt def Mark Crank 2 Chi town (FIREBIRD) def Da Wite Boyz 3 RoadRunner def Jimbo (crash) 4 Blackstang def lsxturboStang (orange) 5 Diamond Camaro def Teal Mustang 6 Boost 12 def Chi town grey Mustang 7 Donya det Unfriedly Ghost 8 Set On Kill def John Quick (RIDE OR DIE !!!!) Round 2 Diamond Camaro def turbo GT / Boost 12 def RoadRunner / Set on Kill def Donya / Chi town FIREBIRD (crash) def Blackstang / ended after crash at 3:30

Maryland Int'l Raceway X275 Race May 18, 2012
www.Facebook.com/TheRacingVids www.Mirdrag.com This video includes World Records, Huge MPH and Wheelies, and a Hard Crash.

August 10 X275 Race at MIR
www.Facebook.com/TheRacingVids X275