2200 hp semi truck big burnout 4 turbo

2200 hp semi truck big burnout

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V8 Mack 4 Turbos 3500HP!!!
9/28/08 Bloomsburg Fair Truck pulling This truck is the shit!

MegaRamRunner vs Semi Truck
The Mega Ram Runner goes up agains a 1992 Marmon Semi truck in an epic game of tug o war.

Cliff Lick, Jr.-- Antrim's Dyno Shootout--2009
This is the progression of the day at Antrim's Dyno Shootout, May 23, 2009.

Semi Truck vs Flood
Watch the brute force of this Semi plow through this flood water. After a day of warm temps & heavy rain on the West coast of Newfoundland this part of the highway near Georges Lake became flooded. Record high snowfall quickly became a deep slurry of slush.