Bugsplat Crazy VW Volksrod

A video slideshow of the creation of Bugsplat. It started as a 1969 VW Beetle and was then transformed.

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BUGORAMA "VW VolksRods, Manx Buggies & VW Drag Racing" Part 2
Some of the VW Rat Rods " Volksrods" Meyers Max Buggies & Some Drag Racing VW's in Part 2. Stay Tuned for Part 3 the Bugs an Busses from Bugorama Las Vegas. StrtRodder100Tv

Volksrod Intro
The Beginning of the 65 Volks resurrection. VOLKS JUNKIE GARAGE ( Russell Stinnett )

Volkswagen Beetle/truck custom
VW Beetle front end with a truck back end. Truckin-groovin? Maple Valley Street Rats car club meet...(05.31.13)