Cold Start Diesel Locomotive No. 40135 on The East Lancashire Railway December 2001

Cold Start Diesel Locomotive 40135 Dec 2001 England

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Зимний запуск дизелей тепловозов | Cold Start Diesel Locomotive Compilation
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(HD) Class 37 Thrash 2
A follow up to Class 37 "Thrash", here's part 2 featuring up to thirty class 37s from the class 37/0, 37/4, 37/5, 37/6 and 37/7 subclasses. Check out part 1 @

37240 Very Cold Start
Class 37 No 37240 is started on a very cold Sunday at Llangollen River Sidings. The English Electric Type 3, owned and operated by the Llangollen Diesel Group, has just had the rings on her B3 piston changed. The impressive amounts of smoke are typical of cold EE engines. The lack of white smoke when the engine has warmed up and is put under load shows that the new piston rings have done the trick. Enjoy! August 2010 UPDATE: The loco has been overhauled in 2010 and is now resplendent in 1960's-style BR blue livery and original body condition with headcode windows and buffer beam skirts. Fancy driving this beast? Well you can! Find out more at or send me a message.

Запуск дизеля тепловоза М62-1244 / M62-1244 awesome engine start
Lithuanian railways (LG) freight diesel locomotive M62-1244, engine start and departure from Valciunai station, Lithuania 2013.08.16 Магистральный тепловоз Литовской железной дороги (ЛГ) М62-1244, запуск дизеля и отправления со ст. Вальчюнай, Литва 2013.08.16