Cold Start Diesel Locomotive No. 40135 on The East Lancashire Railway December 2001

Cold Start Diesel Locomotive 40135 Dec 2001 England

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Зимний запуск дизелей тепловозов | Cold Start Diesel Locomotive Compilation
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Запуск дизеля тепловоза М62-1244 / M62-1244 awesome engine start
Lithuanian railways (LG) freight diesel locomotive M62-1244, engine start and departure from Valciunai station, Lithuania 2013.08.16 Магистральный тепловоз Литовской железной дороги (ЛГ) М62-1244, запуск дизеля и отправления со ст. Вальчюнай, Литва 2013.08.16

37419 Trying it's best to start in very cold conditions on the 8th February 2007 at Old Oak Common Depot LONDON UK. The power unit is clearly COLD hence the reason it is struggling to start.It does start once the cylinder temperature rises around the 1:12 min mark. So,Please, Please stop telling us all how cold it is in your country this video is not about that.All comments made about how cold it is in your country will be deleted,we are not interested.Thanks. "Three Million hits" thank you all for the views.

(HD) Class 37 Thrash 2
A follow up to Class 37 "Thrash", here's part 2 featuring up to thirty class 37s from the class 37/0, 37/4, 37/5, 37/6 and 37/7 subclasses. Check out part 1 @