Should I buy salvaged Miata?

I'm considering buying a 2003 Miata with a salvaged title. I checked it out, and all seems fine. The guy selling is very upfront with the history of the vehicle. Is it really a CHICK car though? I never thought of it that way, but some say it's not a car for a guy. Help me make my decision by posting your response

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Matt Farah explains why you should buy a Miata
Do it. Don't even finish reading this description. Go buy a Miata right now. I myself did buy a miata (first generation, but they're all about equally brilliant) as my first car, and I can't do anything but agree with Matt. It's a joy to drive, it's cheap, it's RWD and it isn't powerful enough to kill you in most cases. Absolutely perfect for a first car. Just like Matt says, it will teach you how to drive properly, because you can't just rely on power alone. Full video here:

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Can a 16-year-old Mazda MX-5 be tuned to be as fast as Porsche Boxster? We find out! See part 2 here :

5 Reasons NOT to buy a Salvaged car
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