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Should I buy salvaged Miata?

I'm considering buying a 2003 Miata with a salvaged title. I checked it out, and all seems fine. The guy selling is very upfront with the history of the vehicle. Is it really a CHICK car though? I never thought of it that way, but some say it's not a car for a guy. Help me make my decision by posting your response


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2008 Honda Civic for sale salvage title bank loan auto appraisal, LOC Federal Credit Union Michigan
Local Detroit Howell Michigan certified auto appraiser Jason Phillips performed an inspection on this salvage title Honda for a potential buyer needing to secure funds to purchase. LOC Federal Credit Union in Howell Michigan apparently cares enough about their members to make them have a car like this inspected prior to purchase.This not only alleviates the banks need to be certain that the asset has been properly repaired and is worth securing as collateral, but it aids their member as well. Saving money buying a repaired salvage title car can be a good experience, or could end up a disaster! In this case, this 2008 Honda seemed to pass the litmus test well. It will be a bargain for the Credit Union member, while offering a limited amount of risk to the lender. A "win win" situation, based on our inspection results! Do YOU need expert car inspection or auto appraisal service like this? Details below, http://www.autoappraise.com 800-301-3886 Auto Appraise Inc. has 310 nationwide mobile inspectors that go out and photo, magnet test, underbody inspect, test drive and report objectively on classic cars all over the country. On daily drivers like this Honda, different types of inspections can be conducted as well. We'll give you over 100 still photos, sometimes 200+ including underbody shots, a well written report that documents all important aspects about the car, all reviewed by the companie's owner Jason Phillips that shot this video. A Michigan based corp., Jason travels the country inspecting and documenting and authenticating classic cars. Only he primarily records these videos that summarize the results of his 3 or 4 hour long inspections. Shorter, less expensive inspections are also available. Certified as a mechanic in 1981, he worked over 9 years as a classic car adjuster for Hagerty Collector Car Insurance and J.C. Taylor Insurance. He's restored many cars and been qualified as an automotive expert multiple times, including jury trials. He's personally available on short notice to bid any job or collection, when sending one of his regional inspectors just won't do. SELLING A NICE CLASSIC CAR? Let Auto Appraise Assist. We can inspect, report, and give you the proper tools to get the job done, or consign the whole project from you and deal with the selling process from start to finish. We are hired daily by purchasers seeking to spend their money on their dream car. Contact us to discuss. Thank you, and be sure to click "SUBSCRIBE" !! 810-694-2008 OR email cars@autoappraise.com

What really happens when you total a car? How does it become "salvaged" Why you should NEVER buy a salvaged car? MyCarlady explains why driving a salvage car can be dangerous to your health Call 702-898-1465 for a great deal on a safe used car.

history of the miata
history of the most popular roadster ever made the Mazda Miata

How To Buy and Sell Cars - Salvaged Cars VS Clear Title
Salvaged Cars VS Clear Title Cars: http://howtobuyandsellyourcars.com F1 Course and YouTube Disclaimer: http://howtobuyandsellyourcars.com/course-and-youtube-disclaimer/

Don't Buy the Miata. 090313
Work on the mojo. Investing in yourself pays better.

Salvage Direct insurance auction company video
Salvage Direct online auction website, SalvageDirect.com, pairs insurance salvage vehicles with worldwide buyers and maintains nearly 100 salvage yards nationwide. The company created the online auction format in the salvage industry and redefined customer service and title management.

salvage lamborghini for sale
Salvage cars for sale at http://www.carfrom.us This wrecked ' 2008 LAMBORGHINI MURCIELAGO sold for just over $54,000! Cars and trucks like these are sold every day because they are wrecked, have a salvage title, or damaged in some way. Usually they can be repaired to like new and drivable again or used as parts to rebuild another car.

Get More Cash for Your Car: Expert Car Selling Tips from Lauren Fix
When it's time to say goodbye to your old car, there are many ways to get more cash for your car. At one time, your old car was your new car and perhaps your pride and joy. Now it's time to sell. Maybe another set of wheels has caught your eye, you need a lower monthly payment, or you're just ready for a change. Whatever the reason, you're probably researching the car you want to buy with more enthusiasm than you're investigating how to sell your old one. But taking time to sell your car the smart way can help bring you the best deal. Here are six ways to get the most money for your old set of wheels. 1. Showcase the Car - It's a given that you should spiff up a car you're trying to sell. You can compare the process to staging a home for the real estate market. People often clear countertops, clean closets and rearrange furniture to showcase their homes. Stage your car, as well. Clean the floor mats, the stains on the cushions, the engine. 2. Fix What's Worth Fixing - As you evaluate the car's condition, think about: • Easy cosmetic changes, such as touching up paint or repairing dents. • Mechanical tune ups. A trusted mechanic can inspect the vehicle for must-do fixes. It may be worth replacing an aging brake system to attract a buyer, but don't sink so much into repairs that it eats into the profit you're seeking. 3. Establish What It's Really Worth - To price the car correctly, know its current value and be realistic about its condition. Whether you're considering trading in your vehicle or selling it yourself, check websites such as Kelly Blue Book, Truecar.com, Edmunds.com, and the National Automobile Dealer Association to help you understand your car's market value. When using these sites, be sure to factor in the mileage, condition of the interior and minor dings to get a better understanding of your vehicle's worth. 4. Decide Whether to Trade It In or Sell It - It's generally known that you're likely going to get more for a used car if you sell it to an individual buyer rather than to a dealer or trading it in. That's because dealers have to put money into a used car to refurbish it and bring it to market or auction. So, research trade-in value versus the private-sale value online. Knowing the difference can help you weigh your options. Generally, you have these choices: • Dealer trade-in. While dealers generally offer wholesale price for a trade-in that is typically lower than if you sell your vehicle on your own, you might find the convenience of a same-day transaction worthwhile. The sales tax credit for the trade-in, offered in many states, can sweeten the deal. In that scenario, you pay sales tax on the new car price minus the trade-in amount. On a $20,000 new car with a $12,000 trade-in, you'd only owe sales tax on $8,000 instead of $20,000. In a county with 8% sales tax, that's a savings of $960. • Direct sale to an individual. While this can be the best way to get the highest price for your car, this option requires more time and effort. There are also the traditional sales methods: Tape a "For Sale" sign to the window, or buy an advertisement in your local or community newspaper's classifieds. However you advertise, be prepared to negotiate with buyers who have done their research. Keep safety in mind: Meet strangers in a public place, and never give out your home address and other personal information. 5. Get Papers in Order - presenting the right paperwork can seal the deal. Here's what you need: • Service records- If you don't have long-term records, keep the most recent receipts for an oil change or tire purchase. • CARFAX Vehicle History Report This report, attached to a car's VIN or license tag number, can create good rapport with buyers and offer peace of mind by assuring them the car hasn't been flooded or totaled in a wreck and repair. 6. Be Smart About the Actual Transaction - paying close attention when writing the bill of sale. Include your name, the buyer's name and your signature, and date and keep a copy. Make sure to include these two key phrases: • Car sold in as-is condition. • No warranties expressed or implied. Otherwise, if something goes wrong with the car, an unhappy buyer could come back and demand some money back, Next, transfer the title per NYS laws • Only turn over the keys and title once the buyer's check has cleared. • When you transfer the title, cancel your car insurance on the vehicle. Kbb.com truecar.com edmunds.com nada.com Courtesy of YNN/Time Warner Cable Aired: 6/06/2013 Learn more: http://www.laurenfix.com Sign up for Lauren's FREE newsletter @ http://goo.gl/jysWX Follow me: @ http://twitter.com/laurenfix Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Lauren.Fix.The.Car.Coach Lauren's Blog: http://laurenfix.blogspot.com

Salvage Cars Don't Need To Die
Salvage cars don't need to die - watch how this hot mechanic brings one back to life :) Check out more at http://www.salvagemarket.co.uk

1965 Mustang Restoration: Memory Lane Salvage #2
"Classic Car Restoration" - 1965 Mustang Restoration. Memory Lane Salvage - Part 2. Host: Steve Magnante. Producer: Melissa Cross


2006 Dodge Magnum - Salvaged Title - Repairable - part 2
This is my 2006 Dodge Magnum. I bought it back from my insurance company because I was planning to put the front of a 300 on it, but I am too busy and ended up buying another car. My camera died while recording, so I had to switch. This is part 2.

SOLD........1999 Honda Accord Salvage title buy and sell for profit my car secrets
1999 honda accord Blue Texas Title but has Rebuild Salvage Damaged on remarks on the title. Runs good cold A/C Call Scott 281-507-3956 $1995

What happens if I buy a car with a "clean title", and the VIN comes back as a salvage vehicle?
Keith Whann The Car Counselor on 'What happens if I buy a car at auction with a "clean title", and the VIN comes back as a salvage vehicle?' Used Car Department.

How vehicles are repaired at Rebuiltcars facility - before and after
From fender bender to heavy repairs - we do it all! We will work with your insurance. Also, we sell rebuilt/salvage cars. If you are looking for quality less expensive car, give us a call.

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