Backyard train set up Narrow gauge 7 1/2 inch

Charlie and his Granddad enjoying a train ride in the back yard. He loves to blow the horn! 7 1/2 inch gauge using the groovy track system. flat bar laid onto cross ties.

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Amtrak 540 at Train Mountain 2009
Amtrak 540, first time running at Train Mountain.

Track work on the large scale Nostalgia Trip.mpg
Building track panels for our 7-1/2 inch gauge outdoor layout. The rolling stock are all 1.6 scale to be closer to the actual prototype measurements for the gauge of the track. We are using some specially treated ground contact wood for the ties, aluminum rail, steel switch points and stainless track bolts for the fish plates. Galvanized screws are used to secure the rail to the ties. We are approximately 1/3 complete with the track building but a lot of work remains including some grade crossings for access to the barn. Ballast will take time as each installation has to be tamped and coaxed into position to hold the track. Our outdoor Nostalgia Trip railroad will have approximately 1,200 feet of track when it is finished.

The Ultimate Backyard Railway!
Now 30 years running in Oakville Ont, the Pindal Electric Tramway is still going strong. Enjoy! Ken.

Quick Ride on Tionesta Valley RR. Part 1
A quick ride on my dad's 1 1/2 inch scale 7 1/2 inch gauge railroad. He's working on a new engine, that's why there's no body. Still a lot of track work to go, but what's down is pretty nice. I think you'll agree!!