Backyard train set up Narrow gauge 7 1/2 inch

Charlie and his Granddad enjoying a train ride in the back yard. He loves to blow the horn! 7 1/2 inch gauge using the groovy track system. flat bar laid onto cross ties.

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live steam backyard train 15 " gauge diesel locomotive
Live steam track in Findley, OH. View of the track behind a switcher. At the end, view of the hanger with the live steam daylight locomotive which boiler is being repaired. Northwest Ohio Railroad Preservation. Description: live steam 059 findlay

The Steeple Grange Narrow Gauge Railway April 2013
Another interesting narrow gauge Quarry railway,you must visit this line to appreciate the climb on the mainline this railway has,a very friendly group of people run this railway and made us feel welcome.Good luck with the extension

Plowing snow on a 7.5" Gauge Railroad. This video shows opening the track between Train Mountain and Klamath & Western. The snow was 18" deep in some places, and the track under the snow was sufficiently icy that it was difficult to build up speed. After coming up the 2.5% Pena grade, I was able to build up speed going over the dry track on the bridge into the 1.8% downgrade. You can see how the snow flies with a little speed. Unfortunately, the camera angle was not always good as I was holding the camera with one hand and operating the locomotive with the other, while holding my feet up out of the snow.

Model A Ford powered Locomotive Narrow Gauge Railroad Train Engine
This old narrow gauge railroad system was originally used in a mid-Michigan municipal waste water treatment facility. Recued from the scrap yard in the 1960's, it has been rebuilt and set-up in the owner's back yard. The outfit includes a locomotive, passenger car, flatcar, three dump cars, 1,800 feet of track and several switches. It is powered by a Model A Ford engine.