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Mint Lotus Elan S2 Turbo Convertible @ Edward Lee's

Mint Lotus Elan S2 turbo Convertible @ Edward Lee's www.japaneseautocentre.com.au 0297440539


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LOTUS ELAN S2 James Bond 007
LOTUS ELAN S2 James Bond 007 for sale at Edward Lees Japanese Auto Centre 02 97440539

JDM 510 Datsun SSS 1800 Coupe 1970 @ Edward Lee's
SSS Coupe 510 Datsun www.edwardlees.com.au Call Edward Lee's 02 97440539 0416 285 333 (Phil - after hours) Call to custom order your dream car or motorbike from overseas. Edward Lee's has been at the same location since 1971. We deliver Australia wide.

Rare R34 TURBO manual sedan @ Edward Lee's
Rare R34 turbo manual sedan @ Edward Lee's www.japaneseautocentre.com.au 0297440539

2015 JDM Hyper Meeting Tsukuba Circuit @ Edward Lee's
This is the annual Tsukba Circuit Hyper Meeting! www.edwardlees.com.au Call Edward Lee's 02 97440539 0416 285 333 (Phil - after hours) Call to custom order your dream car or motorbike from overseas. Edward Lee's has been at the same location since 1971. We deliver Australia wide.

Lotus Elan SE (M100) '1992
★ロータスエラン(M100)に関して 二代目エランはM100系(ニューエラン)と呼ばれ、1989年 デビュー。ロータス式のバックボーンフレームに、FRP のオープン2シーターボディを組み合わたFFのスポーツ ーであった。 デザインはエスプリを担当したピーター・スティーヴン スによるもので、エスプリを前後に圧縮して屋根を切り 取ったようなデザインが特徴的である。また、当時のロ ータスはGMの傘下に入っており、ダッシュボードのスイ チ類はオペルやヴォクスホールのものを流用している エンジンとギアボックスはいすゞ・ジェミニのDOHCバー ョンのもので、駆動方式は初代がFRだったのに対しFFと り、水冷4DOHCエンジンはターボを装着する事により1.6L 排気量から最高出力(165PS/6600rpm) 、最大トルク(20.4kgm/4200rpm) を発揮した。 サスペンションは前後ともダブルウィッシュボーン、ブ レーキも前後ともディスク、タイヤサイズは前後とも205 /50ZR15である。

lotus elan s2

Old Top Gear 1990 - Lotus Elan
Old Top gear from 1990 - Chris Goffey tests the Lotus Elan. Taken from Season 13 Episode 2

1991 Lotus M100 Élan For Sale
1991 M100 White Lotus Elan - $10,500 (Cupertino) Super fun driver, 66K miles, new factory top (clear rear window), catalytic converter, serviced at Suspension Performance Mountain View (Owner Eric Gauthier is a former design engineer from Lotus). Smog passed recently. Original CA car with current owner since 2001 -- I purchased this from Fantasy Junction in Emeryville. The Elan M100 has made its mark in history as arguably the finest handling front wheel drive car ever. It's a bit of anomaly of course. Light weight car designed by Peter Stevens (also designed McLaren F-1 & Jaguar XJR150). Weighs 2200 lbs vs. BMW M3 convertible 4000. One of the most rigid chassis of any production car ever made. Handling is outstanding. Problems: Repairs needed are common to M100 and can be done by you. Parts are inexpensive and available at Dave Bean Engineering. There is advice and specific forum online -- these cars have a cult following and especially here in the bay area. Passenger side window -- after many repairs still needs regulator repair, detailed at http://www.lotuselancentral.com/repair/windowfix.htm or Google search Driver's side headlamp motor -- needs repair -- parts are inexpensive, repair detailed at http://forum.lotuselancentral.com/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=18113 One rear back/up bulb SIR light on -- needs dealer re-set Driver window trim (outer) needs replacement -- have part Paint generally good but small areas of clear coat are bare It is a very nice and easy driver for California. Of course it is great fun in the summer with the top down but with the newly installed convertible top you will not have to worry in the winter. I am selling due to health issues. I have enjoyed many great hours in this car.

Lotus Elan M100 Donington 2007
M100 Convoy and Snippets at Donington 2007

Lotus Elan S2 Turbo (1994)
Lotus Elan S2 turbo in Norfolk Mustard with Graphite Grey leather interior. £8,250 For Sale at http://www.allonwhite.co.uk/Used-Lotus-Cars-For-Sale

KIA Elan Design(1080p)

Lotus Elan vs. Jaguar E Type Jarama 2006
The last 2 laps of the Tour of Spain race at Jarama 2006

Richard Hammond On The Lotus Elan
Richard Hammond finds out about the Lotus Elan and why it has such a unique appeal as he talks to Neil Shepperton.

Elan drive thru the gears when warm
This is simply a drive down a country road to show the following items on the Elan which is for sale; instrument function, gear selection works properly, car accelerates smoothly and is fun with the top down. This is NOT a " look at my fast car" video, so please no comments about how I am taking too long to shift, or why am I not giving it full throttle all the time, etc. It is simply to show function of a very fun and rare car. Enjoy;-)

Lotus Elan (1600cc 4 cyl) slays 70's V8 and V6 cars Silverstone GP 2012
2 laps (first and last) of Silverstone GP onboard 1963 Elan as it overcomes the challenge of 1970's 6 cyl and 8 cyl cars.

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