Phantom X 2

Nova, Drag car. Procharger

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Procharged '69 Camaro F1R
My Procharged 1969 Camaro with a F1R pushing through a 383 backed with a Powerglide. It's run as low as a 5.40 @ 127mph

Passtime - Randy Jackson - tricks the panel
Passtime SGMP Randy Jackson White Mustang Gt Truck block with B303 cam *wink**wink* Sleeper

Supercharge Your Vehicle With ProCharger
Stacey shows off the ProCharger Supercharger for Ram trucks. An easy way to get an extra 130 HP while still running pump gas!

paul ferrucci at the atco true street
video of the cruise and the race special thatnks to scrivener performance jw-fabrication ati procharger TRZ motorsports and many others