Changing Thermostat

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Maintenance and How-to: Thermostat Replacement
Follow these steps to successfully replace the engine thermostat in your car.

Como Cambiar un Termostato de Coche (Subtitles)
English - Learn how to reinstall a Thermostat Thanks For Watching Fredys Shop General Mechanic - Fredy Español - Aprende a instalar un termostato Gracias Por Su Atención Fredys Shop Mecánica En General - Fredy

Cooling system repair
Overheating causes serious engine damage. Here are some repairs that keep your engine running cool. Haynes Manuals: flush & replace coolant --

Auto Repair: How to Replace a Thermostat
Visit for more auto repair videos. Our Do It Yourself and auto expert community has you covered with this Repair-apedia of easy step-by-step instructions. The thermostat is a temperature control device usually located in a housing attached to the upper radiator hose. You can check this link for the steps: