Powerful Ford 4.9L 300 inline six for sale

Powerful Ford 4.9L 300 inline six for sale $1500 Ready to drop in package. Tranny Exhaust radiator orangecounty.craigslist.org/pts/2826427394 http://orangecounty.craigslist.org/pts/2826427394.html

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Crazy Ford inline 6 with huge turbo pt1
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Ford 300, 4.9L, Performance
I built and installed this in a '71 box-bed pickup (too much to list and lots of machine work ), aluminum 4 core radiator electric fan, 2-1/2 dual Exhaust with crossover (H-pipe), rebuilt 9" 3.73 ratio posi-trac 31 spline Moser Eng. axles, custom build C-4 trans and stall converter with cooler and elect fan and Lokar floor shiter, complete gauge set. Left a bunch out ...too long a list. Installed Rhoads lifters to calm the cam down and improve idle, you can hear them (they sound like solid lifters). They also improve low end response and allow a good mid range cam. The video does NOT do the sound justice. Over $8000 invested. I love 300's

Ford 300 engine buildup
This is a description of the buildup of my ford 300 engine. My goal is to increase the air flow of the overall engine, not so much for mass airflow, but smooth airflow for overall power and tourque. My hope is that i can get power similar to a stock ford FE block engine.(352, 360, 390) I hope to get similar tourque, however I think it may be harder to match up with horse power. We will see.

Ford 300 6, Open Headers