Transformers Movie 2 Combiner - Construction Devastator Toys Games

Transformers Movie 2 Combiner

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Legends Devastator Animation (Stop-Motion)
A quick animation of legends class Devastator. Getting the little legends toys to move around like that is hard!

Devastator Devastation! - a Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen Stop Motion Short
The Constructicons combine... and run into an unexpected friend! A stop motion short featuring Transformers products from Revenge of The Fallen. The following is shot entirely on actual location. Figures in order of appearance: Rampage Sam Witwicky Long Haul Mixmaster Constructicon Devastator Ice Cream Truck Twins Skids Mudflap EZ Collection Devastator All figures provided by Hasbro & TakaraTomy.

Transformers 2 Video Game BI vs Devastators

Constructicon DEVASTATOR Transform - Short Flash Transformers Series
Behold, the Constructicon Devastatorrrr...! Hope you like it.